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The New Ultimate 1040 System
The New Ultimate 1040 System
The OConnor Ultimate 1040 flowtech100 system brings together the precision ultra-smooth fluid camera movement that has made OConnor heads the cinematography industry standard together with the awardwinning speed, agility and stability of the flowtech tripod system.

Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson ACO
“During productions, directors tend to jump on to cameras to have a look, with OConnor they know where the locks are, it’s all about familiarity in this business and the head is undoubtedly well established in the industry.”Ben Wilson, ACOFind out more
Morano Reed
Reed Morano
“The combination of perfect balance, freedom of movement and rock solid steadiness is the only thing you can rely on when you have no idea where you’re going to have to go with your camera."Reed Morano, ASC
Award winning New York-based Director of Photography
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Film and Digital Times
Film and Digital Times:
Take a look at Jon Fauer's exclusive visit to the OConnor factory as featured in Film & Digital TimesFind out more
Ivo Nörenberg
Ivo Nörenberg of Gulo Film Productions is an award-winning wildlife camera man and internationally known for his work on BBC's The Real Jungle Book Bear. On a recent excursion to Kenya, Ivo found himself crawling through the jungle to capture baboons in their native habitat. With him the brand new 2560 head.Find out more
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    The New 2560

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    O-Rig PRO Kit

    OConnor Introduces O-Rig 15mm Rod Support System, Universal Hand-Held Support Rig Offers Flexibility Needed for Accessorized Digital Cinematography.

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  • Ben Wilson - On Set

    Be Inspired

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    “OConnor products also have the ability to handle the large camera kits extremely well.”

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    OConnor Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head

    Watch AbelCine’s review on the OConnor 2560.

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    OConnor AC Bag - On the Bench with Jonathan Jones


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    OConnor has been the choice of professional cinematographers since the invention of the fluid head 60 years ago by founder Chad O’Connor. OConnor’s award-winning fluid heads are renowned for their smooth feel, fluid movement and intuitive control. Tailor designed for film-style shooting, each facilitates seamless transition when changing payloads and offers stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag for maximum control. In addition to the fluid heads and robust tripods, OConnor offer a range of camera and lens accessories that is being extended. All OConnor products are engineered to support the demands of today’s challenging and precision focused camera work. The range includes follow focus systems for cine and still photo lenses, the award-winning O-Box WM mattebox, innovative O-Grip handgrip system and the Universal Baseplate.

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      OConnor has been the choice of professional cinematographers worldwide and are renowned for their smooth feel, fluid movement and intuitive …
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      “How would you like to build an OConnor 2575D?” that’s the offer Jon Fauer received from Steve Turner, OConnor Product …
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